MAXXSCENT scent & malodour management

Maxxscent emerged in 2006 from the cooperation of  "Claus Runge Eventmarketing" and "Reuschetec GmbH".

For almost 30 years the REUSCHETEC GmbH has been with the development and manufacturing of technical devices. All MAXXSCENT and CINESCENT ® devices are being jointly developed and manufactured. Today the REUSCETEC is ISO 9001 certified.

Claus Runge has been many years in marketing and event marketing activities, for several years, he dealt exclusively with the innovative use of fragrances for marketing purposes.

With our brand CINESCENT ®, we produce a technique for scenting of advertising spots in cinemas. In Germany, currently 15 cinemas are equipped with CINESCENT ® devices.
Together with our perfumer the company has a long and extensive experience in dealing with fragrances and aromas, marketing and technical implementation.