The Perfumer Karl-Heinz Bork

Karl-Heinz Bork has started out over 30 years ago studying perfumery in Holzminden, Cannes and Grasse. He then worked mainly in the field of alcoholic perfumery and developed perfumes and creations of EDT.

The perfumer  studies approximately 3 000 fragrances during the 5 years of his education. Every day he develops his sense of smell through the study of natural, synthetic and fragrances with identical properties to the raw fragrances. The goal of this intense study is to develop the ability to recognize and remember scented mater. The perfumer must know the raw material by its scent as well as its chemical and physical properties and must especially remember the decay and the lasting penetration of each scent. Only after acquiring all this knowledge is the junior-perfumer able to attempt his own experiments of composing a scent. The myriad scents and smell of nature are the perfumers inspiration and palette to conduct his own experiments at creations. These studies and simple compositions form the base for later more complex and creative endeavors. The life of the parfumeur consists of, aside from the study of nature, an intense analytical learning of all known perfumes; especially those are considered the milestones of the profession.

After more than 10 years of creative work in Paris, Karl-Heinz Bork took on new tasks in the field of perfumery - development, evaluation, marketing and international project management. He worked for "Harmann and Reimers" and later for Symrise, the number 4 in the world market of fragrances and aromas.

Karl-Heinz Bork is an independent perfumer - creator of CINESCENT and MAXXSCENT. 

He also like to develop your fragrance.